I'm Anna,
a 21 year old college student from Michigan and this blog will document random happenings.

Last week of summer

I have one week until I return back to Ann Arbor for my final year of college! I ended my internship last friday and I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone by. At the beginning of the summer, I wrote down a list of things I wanted to accomplish so that i wouldn’t ever have those days where I was doing nothing. I forgot about this list during the summer, but never had one of those days where I did nothing. Now, I have one week to complete my list! Man, time flies.

I just finished painting our basement. The top half of the walls have been painted lemon grass green for several years already, I just never got around to painting the second half. Me finally painting was kind of a father’s day gift to my dad and also I just finally had a free weekend to paint. I had the hardest time choosing a color that goes good with the green color, i hate that green color. I don’t know what I was thinking when i picked it in the first place, but whenever i go downstairs I am blinded by how neon looking it is. I chose a nice dark blue to kind of even out the brightness. Uh, anyways this was just a random post about painting.

Also, I took the first picture on my lunch break at work. I usually sit outside alone while reading Wired magazine, and I just took a random photo just cause. I’ve been eating raspberries for several days since I told my mom I liked them and then she bought 5 boxes of them. So yeah, that’s my life. I’m so fun.

Update: internship, 21st, shopping problems

I suck at my tumblr. I said i would upload something creative every week, and nope, haven’t done it! So lets just take that back. Here’s what I have been doing.

I started my internship at the beginning of may and that has taken up most of my time. I’m actually learning stuff there and it’s paid, so it’s pretty ideal. I’ve also have little side projects that are pretty exciting and i’ll definitely share them here once they become something. 

I’m glad it’s only June, i still have my whole summer to do things and I am hoping that I will force myself to go out and have fun instead of staying home and acquiring more hobbies. I am turning 21 later this month, still unsure of any plans happening with that. I haven’t been hanging out with anyone regularly in my hometown and my brother is in Europe, so might be a lonely birthday? Maybe i’ll drive to Ann Arbor and hangout with my friends there instead. 

I’m trying to keep myself from spending too much now that I have a job. I still have to pay rent for my apartment in Ann arbor and I have to pay for gas now that I have a car (i love it, the car that is). Right now i’m trying to talk myself out of buying these new pretty urban ears headphones. I’ve been looking for a nice pair to wear while i’m in the library studying at school cause my apple headphones don’t cover up the random chatter of college students. They also come in pretty colors and they have a pause button and a port to plug other headphones in for sharing! Yeah.. i’m not talking myself out of these..I want..